With His love the seed of peace in my soul begins to sprout. With His love dead flora blooms after drought.
The Love Project

Cosmic Love, from The Love Project.

Cosmic Love, from The Love Project.

This is the beauty of Allah. He created a system where loving this world and fearing death would only cause negative externalities. Whereas renouncing this world and smiling at death, awaiting His promise of paradise would cause only positive externalities. SubhanAllah. This itself is evidence against materialism and for resurrection.
Hamza Arif

They ask God for modern age Prophets, little do they know that we could be their heirs if only we didn’t worry so much about the profits.

Let us not be conscious. Let us break. Let us be mad.
Chief Word

I poured the entire universe into a teacup and drank it while they were still looking. While they were sleeping, while they were awake. The pharaohs of today still stalk me in vain.
Chied Word

The price of our love is the most trustworthy rope made of fibers of faith.

And now, my heart says, “with a bargain, let us buy it”.

Chief Word

O beloved of all beloveds. O beloved of the universe. If you look closely, you are the universe all around yourself. O beloved of all beloveds. O beloved of all the universes. A great many beautiful things await your attention. O beloved of all beloveds.
Chief Word

Tell me.

Is happiness found in contentment? Like the monks? Or is it found in the pursuit of our passions like zealous entrepreneurs and mad artists and many others? I think the real question is..is happiness found in just any one thing, or many things? Like a monk artist.

Ramblings of a mad man

maybe some day when I’m old and grumpy and too tired of life I’ll sit down and write all the sad stories I’m collecting in the space between my fingers.