I walk towards you
And you run towards me
I take a step
And you take ten
Are seen by no men
Yet you see each and
Every one of them
Neither temples
Nor mosques
Can contain you
All of earth is your whirling dervish
And what I wish
To know
Is that
If there is only you and no other
Then why the veil, O Friend?
Why is it that
Those who drown in the ocean of your love
Lose all fear of the waves that crash around
The halls of this world’s passageways
And those you die in your name
Wake up in your grace
You are a puzzle
Because First,
you set us free
And then create destiny
All this praise is yours
Yet you hide yourself from our eyes
You are a puzzle
You threw Abraham into the fire
And then turned it into a peaceful abode
Oh only you Only you could first make Joseph
the slave man of Egypt
And then Its king
You are a puzzle
You are an astonishing cosmos of grace
And color
Of beauty and scent
You are my favorite flavor
Because every time I kneel down
And touch my nose on the ground
I kiss my prayer mat
Pretending I’m kissing you
So come out for a little while
For a short meeting and a conversation
I am aching to see your handsome face
I am aching to dance in your infinite grace
What if I told you that He made the illusion real and the real an illusion? And that He did not place us inside the universe But He placed the universe inside us. You Are quite the beauty, If nobody’s ever told you that Know that right now You Are quite the beauty.

this is for karachi
this is for the aam aadmi and his own tail
that he is chasing
this is for tsunami
and the playboy that is still within him
this is for all the playboys
and the tsunamis that lie within them all
this is for the swiss bank accounts
and pakistans best smile’s 4 digit pin codes
this is for the bhai
and his kite runners
this is for all the diesel in pakistan
and the weasels sitting upon them
this is for the rioters
and the dood walas
this is for the mothers praying for their
children to return home
this is for the sharifs
who happen to be
not quite sharif
for the kids who see opportunity in a hartaal
by playing cricket
on the streets
just a few feet away from the sight and smell of
burning tires
this is for the fire that’s in us all
this is for the lotas who toss themselves around like a ball
for the mailas and places like millenium mall
this is for bibi
and her for profit non profit income support programs
this is for the misunderstood burgers
this is for the shrine of our founder
where young blood now intertwines
this is for the hawkers
who read more books than we do
and show more hospitality than
we ever would
this is for everyone who’s pissed on the street
because i swear if i had a rupee for every time someone spat
paan on the ceiling of my under ground parking
well i would still not be that rich
this is for the people who feed beggars healthier
than themselves
this is for the little kids
whos tongues have evolved into
itni munh ki firing
little tongues never tiring
this is for that young and handsome dukaan wala
who sells aata aur chawal
just to hold up his young brothers
and sisters
this is for the young men who run sheesha bars
for the little boys who wash rikshaws and cars
this for that one kid who thinks he’s man of steel
but is really the man who steals
if you know who I’m talking about
this is for all the funters and the funtergiri
this is for all the student parties and the bharambaaz that they
are made up of
this is for the lack of opportunity
that we are made to believe in
this is for the halaat
that are on their periods
more than once a month
this is for the frustrated asshole
within us all
this is for the buses set on fire
this is for all kinds of load sheddings our country is facing
is for
the part time rickshaw driver who’s as clean as you could ever be and only drives a rikshaw to pay his medical school fees
this if for all the wonderful things that can be seen from outer space; the himalayas, the great wall of china aur cng ki line
this is for
all our hopes
and all our dreams
that still fuel this city.

With His love the seed of peace in my soul begins to sprout. With His love dead flora blooms after drought.
The Love Project

Cosmic Love, from The Love Project.

Cosmic Love, from The Love Project.

This is the beauty of Allah. He created a system where loving this world and fearing death would only cause negative externalities. Whereas renouncing this world and smiling at death, awaiting His promise of paradise would cause only positive externalities. SubhanAllah. This itself is evidence against materialism and for resurrection.
Hamza Arif

They ask God for modern age Prophets, little do they know that we could be their heirs if only we didn’t worry so much about the profits.

Let us not be conscious. Let us break. Let us be mad.
Chief Word

I poured the entire universe into a teacup and drank it while they were still looking. While they were sleeping, while they were awake. The pharaohs of today still stalk me in vain.
Chied Word

The price of our love is the most trustworthy rope made of fibers of faith.

And now, my heart says, “with a bargain, let us buy it”.

Chief Word

O beloved of all beloveds. O beloved of the universe. If you look closely, you are the universe all around yourself. O beloved of all beloveds. O beloved of all the universes. A great many beautiful things await your attention. O beloved of all beloveds.
Chief Word